Started tearing into the engine I picked up last week or so. It’s a 2010 LC9 5.3 liter. I am getting rid of the VVT and the DOD components. This engine is in very good shape and can’t wait to get it done and dropped in so I can start finishing the rest of it and make some noise.

Here is a partial run down of the parts I am using.

  • 2010 5.3 LC9 Block
  • Stock Crankshaft
  • Stock Gen 4 rods/pistons with top ring gap set at .029″
  • Stock Rod Bolts
  • Stock Bearings
  • LS2 Timing Set
  • LJMS Stage 3 Turbo Cam 230/235 .609″/.610″ 114+4
  • GMPP LS Lifters GM#12499225
  • BTR Platinum LS Spring Kit .660″ Lift, .505″ Inner Diameter, .060″ thick loc
  • BTR Titanium Retainers and locks
  • BTR 1pc Chromemoly Pushrods 7.400″ Long, .080″ Wall
  • Stock Rockers with Comp Cams Trunion Upgrade
  • Felpro Head Gaskets
  • China Studs OR Stock Head Bolts (still not sure)
  • High Volume Oil Pump
  • LS3 Timing Cover/Sensor GM#12633906
  • LH8 Oil Pan and Pickup GM#19212593
  • L92 DOD Delete Valley Cover GM#12598832
  • ARP 1341003 Cam Bolt Kit for LS1 Chevy
  • GMPP Lifter Trays for Non-AFM Engines GM#12595365
  • GM dipstick tube GM#12563918
  • GM dipstick GM#12610053

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