Wastegates and BOV have arrived


Both my 44mm VS Racing wastegates showed up as well as my 50mm VS Racing blow off valve. They appear to be pretty solid quality and the machine work is pretty good. Better than many of the other eBay gates and bovs. These have great reviews and guys like Matt Hapel over at Sloppy Mechanics use them regularly with great results. So we’ll see how they do. If I’m not happy with them I can always upgrade to a Tial or Turbosmart gates and bov.


Each wastegate comes with two additional springs, correct V band clamps for both the exhaust side and the output side. As well as an additional adapter to the smaller 38mm (I believe?) sized mount. They also include the water fittings if you desire to water cool your gates, I will not. Also included is the fittings for the upper and lower pressure connections. Which I may not use as I am using co2 to control the gates.



The blow off valve is a 55mm unit, and also comes with a nice v band clamp and aluminum mount to weld to your intake tube.

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