It’s been a while since I have posted any updates or progress.I’ve been rather busy with work, but I have been working on the truck here and there knocking the ever growing list of small jobs down one by one. This includes making the PTFE transmission cooler lines, modifying the TCI outlaw shifter to go from a 3 speed configuration to a 4 speed configuration. Installing the shift lever and cable bracket.

The TCI 4 Speed gate conversion for the TCI Outlaw shifter and my -8AN PTFE transmission lines and fittings.
B&M Shift lever and cable bracket installed as well as transmission serviced.
This shift lever kit will work if you still have the backup switch installed still
-8AN cooler fittings installed and cooler lines made.
Port for temp switch for the fan on the trans cooler.
Trans cooler residing in front of the right front wheel for max air flow through open fog light hole.
Got crowded awful quickly!

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