Tweaked the turbos and cleared some interference


Made a few changes, rotated the turbos downward and removed the stock core support.


I will be fabricating a tubular core support which will allow me much more room and will allow the turbos to sit down and out of the way.


This will however require the use of a scavenger pump to pull the oil from the turbos and return it to the oil pan.



Placing the turbos in this position will allow me to use a bracket setup for the power steering and alternator assemblies that will clear the up and forward design of the headers. A company called makes a narrow engine bay bracket kit that should work well with my setup.

Another issue I have encountered is due to having to alter the engines position to clear the up and forward headers when it comes to the power brake booster, this created some interference with the truck oil pan. So to remedy that, I have picked up a Hummer H3 5.2 oil pan kit. These are sold all over the internet as a hot rod engine swap oil pan kit. They are also referred to as the LH8 oil pan.

Below you can see the difference between the truck and the LH8 pans.

DCF 1.0

DCF 1.0


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