The truck is home and more progress is being made, finally!


Progress on the truck has been at a snails pace the past few months, between the freakish winter we are experiencing, and the dispute between myself and my former shop landlord, I have had really no time to get anything done to the truck. But, I have since brought the truck home and have been able to begin making some progress, albeit small steps. 


I began by mocking up where I wanted the relay/ignition panel to be mounted. It fits perfectly where I intended, behind the passengers seat, mounted to the back of the cab. This will allow me to easily reach the fuses/relays as well access the Grid controller if/when I need to make an adjustment to the tune, or update it.


So I started by removing the rear carpeting from the cab.


I then cut and drilled a piece of aluminum C channel to act as a mounting bracket. I had to clearance it to clear the mounting bolts for several of the relays and the main power lugs.


You can see in this photo how they pass through the mount.


Once that was done on both sides, I then cut and made another identical set to be fastened to the back of the cab. These are what the panel, and the previous set of mounts will bolt directly to. They will be hidden behind the back carpeted panel and are there to allow space for the rear cab vents. The ends aren’t perfectly flush with each other, but I intend on cleaning them up before they are mounted.

More pics later today hopefully when I get more time to work on it.

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