The Home Office

I have been asked about my computer setup. It has had many various forms over the years, this is the latest (for now). The desk/Wall is custom built. I just finished this current phase of the project this week since I was on vacation.


The original plans for the desk. I built this about 3 years ago. Total cost was around $100. The frame is made of high quality 2×4’s, the top surface is a 24″x80″ hollow interior door topped with black mdf I scored from a retail remodel job.The upper hutch is made of 8″ wide pine with 1/4″ plywood on the back. The lower back portion is black mdf from a retail upgrade job. The unit is screwed together with large wood screws.

The hutch was measured to just fit my 3×24″ display setup. I really have no plans currently or anytime soon to go beyond 24″ for my main displays. I may upgrade them to higher end 24’s though someday.


How the desk looked for the last few years. The 32″ display on top is mounted to two 2×4’s that run vertical up the back and are bolted to the lower frame and upper hutch. I used a Monoprice tv mount. It’s very stable and puts the tv at a great viewing angle. The Monoprice mounts are a steal.


Time for phase three! 4 x 10′ and 6 x 6′ 12″x” pine boards and 2 x 4×8 1/4″ plywood. Total cost was $115 for 76′ feet of board, some nice cabinet screws and a few odds and ends.


Deciding how I want the shelving placed. I am using cabinet screws throughout. With the exception of the lower portion of the upper cross-over. There I used countersunk drywall screws to allow it to sit flat on the lower portions.


One section done, just needing it’s back put on. Though even with the back off it is very sturdy. This is done with cabinet screws as well.



Almost done! The unit comes apart in four main pieces. The left and right shelving units, the top cross-over and the back piece that links the two. All held together with screws so it can be disassembled and moved if need be. It wasn’t until it was together did I realize just how big it was!


Setting the units in place. The unit is designed to fit the desk snugly and leaves 2″ on each side between the walls. Total length is 120″x86″x12″. The desk itself is 80″ wide by 30″ deep.Both units are secured to the desk, forming one solid piece. This thing is a tank!


The cross-over in place. Was fun putting it up by myself. It’s not fastened to the wall. I considered it, but after seeing how stable it is bolted to the desk. I realized it wasn’t needed.


Almost done. Need some small trim pieces and some LED lighting. The back cover is in place. There is a 5″ gap between the back piece and the back of the upper hutch. This allows for cable management, and easy access to the power bricks that are mounted on the back side. The unit has 2″ of clearance on all sides to allow easy cable access.

Future plans call for 2 more 32″ displays flanking the center display on top. The outer displays will be on tilting and extending arms to allow them to tilt at an angle in towards the user. They will sit over the top of the Dayton B652’s on each side when tilted outwards.

I am also planning on putting a rack mount setup in the upper portion and building a secondary shelf setup with a 19″ rackmount to mount my future server and will hold the case that is now sitting under the desk. The smaller display on the top will be moved to the future server rack as it’s currently now devoted to the dev server. This is only the beginning.


System Specifications

Motherboard – GIGABYTE GA-970A-D3P

Processor – AMD FD6300WMHKBOX FX-6300 6-Core Processor Black Edition

RAM – 16gb

Graphics Card – Older Radeon HD 6000 Series

Audio – Xonar DG (For aux input from Dev Server), Fiio Alpen E17k/Fiio E9 Q0GIR Amp, Lepai T Amp, Dayton Audio B652’s

Storage – Total Capacity 15tb’s