Tentative Engine Parts List

I am getting to the part of the build where I am starting to look at the engine upgrades. I will be replacing the rods and pistons with forged pieces but keeping the stock crank.

  • Block – Stock Gen 3 5.3, bored to 3.800″
  • Crank – Stock Gen 3 5.3 crankshaft
  • Rods – To be determined (Looking at Compstar or Molnar rods)
  • Pistons – Wiseco (Custom made for LJMS), 3.800″ bore, 1.0mm, 1.2mm, 2.8mm, XX steel nitride top/napier second rings.  Also includes upgraded Tool Steel .200″ wall S718 pins. 1.300″ Compression Height, 3.622″ Stroke, 6.125″ Rod
  • Camshaft – Custom Grind from LJMS to be determined
  • Lifters – Comp Cam 850 lifters .842” Diameter, 122g Weight, 2.66” Seat Height
  • Pushrods – Comp Cam 3/8″ Chromoly Pushrods
  • Rockers –  Stock Rockers with Comp Cam trunion upgrade kit
  • Oil Pump – Melling High Volume pump
  • Timing Set – Stock GM Cam and Crank gears with C5R chain
  • Head Gaskets – Stock LS9 head gaskets .051″ compressed thickness
  • Head Studs – ARP 234-4110 Head Studs

The bearings will all be Clevite and


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