Ford 351C, 351M Specifications

Firing Order

Torque Specifications

These specs may not be correct for your application.

Verify your engine specs with a service manual for your year and model, always torque bolts in three equal increments

Bolts or Parts Lube or Sealer Torque to:
Main Caps Engine Oil 105 ft-lbs.

If you are using ARP bolts, you MUST use
their specs.  Click Here!

Connecting Rod Bolts      351C

*Boss 351C

Engine Oil 45 ft-lbs.

*50 ft-lbs.

Cylinder Heads                  351C

*Boss 351C

Engine oil

(blind hole)


(water jacket)

105 ft-lbs.

*125 ft-lbs.

Rocker Arms Engine Oil 20 ft-lbs.
Oil Pump Engine Oil 25 ft-lbs.
Oil Pan Engine Oil 12 ft-lbs.
Camshaft Thrust Plate Thread Locker 12 ft-lbs.
Cam Bolt (upper gear) Thread Locker 40 ft-lbs.
Front Cover Engine Oil 20 ft-lbs.
Intake Manifold          5/16 Bolts

(Cast Iron Heads)      *3/8 Bolts

Non- Hardening Sealer 25 ft-lbs.

*30 ft-lbs.

Valve Cover Engine Oil 10 ft-lbs.
Flexplate (Automatic)

Flywheel (Clutch)

Thread Locker 85 ft-lbs.
Clutch Pressure Plate Thread Locker 35 ft-lbs.

(Harmonic Damper)

Thread Locker 90 ft-lbs.

(Transmission to Block)

Engine Oil 25 ft-lbs.


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