Driveshaft Information

Basic Driveshaft Types

1 piece driveshaft  DS-1   Basic 1 piece driveshaft and can have a flat flange at differential. 2 piece driveshaft DS-2   Basic 2 piece set up. This can have a flange at rear also and a flange to front

Constant Velocity Driveshaft Types

bolt on CV type CV-1  Bolt on type CV and U-Joint at differential. CV2 cv shaft CV-2  Bolt on CV type and flat flange at differential. CV3 flange type CV CV-3  Flat type CV flange and single U-Joint at differential. CV4 flat flanges type CV-4  Flat type CV flange and flat flange at differential. Cv-5 Auto Trac CV-5  GM Auto-Trac CV conversion type driveshaft for GM trucks. Cv6 slip type cv driveshaft CV-6  Slip yoke type CV driveshafts for Ford and GM trucks – custom conversion  

Stub and Slip Type Driveshafts

SS1 stub and slip shaft SS-1  Basic stub and slip yoke type driveshaft with a single U-Joint at each end. SS2 stub and slip shaft SS-2 Stub and slip yoke driveshaft with flat flange at slip yoke end. SS3 shaft SS-3 Stub and slip yoke driveshaft with flat flange at weld yoke end. SS4 shaft with 2 flanges SS-4 Stub and slip yoke driveshaft with 2 flat flanges.  

All Wheel Drive Vehicle Type Shafts

Ford explorer front shaft Ford Explorer front driveshaft for All Wheel drive.  This has a GKC Constant Velocity and single U-joint at differential. Jeep GC shaft Jeep Grand Cherokee with U-joint type Constant Velocity at Transfer Case and GKN type CV at front differential. Jeep GC w/2CV Jeep Grand Cherokee with GKN CV joint at Transfer Case and front differential.    
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