Technical Information

Brakes, Drivetrain and Suspension

  1. Driveshaft Descriptions and Styles
  2. Drum brakes explained
  3. How to prevent wheel bearing damage
  4. Keeping vehicles in touch with the ground
  5. Taking care of tapered bearings
  6. Tire/Wheel compensation calculator
  7. U Joint Sizing Information

Camshafts and Valvetrain

  1. Camshaft follower motion simulator
  2. Checking and adjusting hydraulic lifter pre-load (PDF)
  3. Checking and adjusting ‘valve lash’ on solid lifter cams (PDF)
  4. Chevrolet Big Block camshaft tech tips (PDF)
  5. Chevrolet Small Block camshaft tech tips (PDF)
  6. Chrysler Big Block camshaft tech tips (PDF)
  7. Chrysler Small Block camshaft tech tips (PDF)
  8. Desktop Dyno Camshaft Profiles
  9. Flat Tappet Cams vs. Roller Cams
  10. Ford Big Block camshaft tech tips (PDF)
  11. Ford Small Block camshaft tech tips (PDF)
  12. How to choose the right cam for your application (PDF))
  13. How to Degree A Cam
  14. How To Verify Valvetrain Geometry
  15. Oldsmobile & Pontiac camshaft tech tips (PDF)
  16. Reasons and causes for cam failure (PDF)
  17. Understanding Cam Profile Terms
  18. Understanding Camshaft Specifications
  19. Understanding The Different Types Of Camshaft Lifters
  20. Valve Spring Tech
  21. Valve Timing Tutorial
  22. Why must I install new lifters with my new camshaft?

Cylinder Heads

  1. Calculate an Engine’s Port Limiting Velocity or Minimum Port Cross Sectional Velocity
  2. Calculate Average Port CSA
  3. Calculate Port CSA
  4. Calculate Port FPS / CFM / CSA

Dodge Dakota Specific Technical Information

DTC (Diagnostic Trouble Codes)

  1. OBD2 Chassis codes
  2. OBD2 Powertrain codes
  3. Acura Specific OBD2 codes
  4. Ford OBD2 driving cycle explained
  5. General Motors OBD2 driving cycle explained
  6. What does that check engine light mean


  1. Alternator Operation and Wiring Diagrams
  2. Common electrical testing techniques
  3. How an alternator works
  4. Servicing fiber optic systems
  5. Test like the engine control module does
  6. Testing ECM inputs and outputs
  7. Factory Wiring Diagrams and Connector Pinouts

Fuel and Induction

  1. Calculate Change in Fuel Injector Flow from change in Fuel Pressure
  2. Calculate Density Altitude and Dew Temperature (Point)
  3. Calculate Engine / Piston CFM Demand
  4. Calculate Size of Carburetor Needed in CFM
  5. Convert Airflow to a Different Depression
  6. Density Altitude Calculator
  7. Engine Tuners Calculator
  8. Estimate Horsepower from Intake Airflow
  9. Estimate the Horsepower Gain from Adding Blower Pressure
  10. Estimate Intake Airflow needed from Horse Power wanted
  11. Estimate Volumetric Efficiency of Engine
  12. Holley Carb Schematics, Specifications and Parts Listings
  13. How to check fuel pressure on an EFI engine
  14. HP / Holley Jet Environmental Correction
  15. Inlet Runner and Peak Torque Calculator
  16. Massive Fuel Injector Flow Data Table
  17. Megasquirt Wiring Diagrams and Information
  18. Rochester Carb Schematics, Specifications and Parts Listings
  19. Selecting the Proper Injector Size

General Engine Specs

  1. Chevrolet Small Block
  2. Chevrolet Big Block
  3. Ford 260, 289, 302 (5.0L)
  4. Ford 351W (Windsor 5.8L), 400
  5. Ford 351C (Cleveland), 351M
  6. Ford 352, 360, 390, 406, 427, 428
  7. Ford 429, 460, 514
  8. Chrysler HEMI 426
  9. Chrysler B/RB Engines, 361, 383, 400, 413, 426 (Wedge),  440
  10. Chrysler 273, 318, 340, 360 A Engine
  11. Pontiac 265-455 V8
  12. Plymouth 277, 301, 303, 313, 318, 326

General Technical Information

  1. AN Fitting Information
  2. Engine Displacement Calculator
  3. Engine Size and Compression Calculator
  4. Helpful Engine Calculations
  5. Horsepower Calculator
  6. Metric/SAE Engine displacement converter
  7. New Engine Checklist
  8. Printable New Engine Checklist
  9. Technical Training Videos
  10. Units of measure converters

How-to Guides

  1. How to use a timing light
  2. How to use a vacuum gauge
  3. How to check fuel pressure on an EFI engine
  4. How to perform a compression test
  5. 1997 Cavalier 2.2 liter cylinder head gasket replacement – Part 1
  6. 1997 Cavalier 2.2 liter cylinder head gasket replacement – Part 2
  7. How to read your spark plugs
  8. New Engine Checklist

Ignition and Electrical

  1. Common Firing Orders
  2. GM 7 Pin HEI Module Schematic
  3. How to read your spark plugs
  4. MSD Ignition System and Accessory Wiring Diagrams
  5. The Ultimate Guide to Spark Plugs and Reading Them

Nitrous Oxide Systems

  1. NOS System Wiring Diagrams and Information

Piston, Crankshafts and Connecting Rods

  1. Compression Ratio Calculator
  2. Connecting Rod Installation
  3. Connecting Rod Length Info
  4. Connecting Rod Machining Tolerances
  5. Crank/Piston Motion Simulation
  6. Deck clearance calculator
  7. Effective Compression Ratio Calculator
  8. Massive Bore, stroke, rod ratio table
  9. Piston compression ratio calculator
  10. Piston/Head Calculator
  11. Ring end gap calculator
  12. What compression piston do I need?

Race Related Tech

  1. 1/4 Mile ET, HP, and MPH Visual Calculator
  2. Estimate 1/8-Mile ET from MPH
  3. Estimate 1/8-Mile Horsepower Requirements from ET
  4. Estimate 1/8-Mile Horsepower Requirements from MPH
  5. Estimate 60 Foot MPH from 60 Foot Time
  6. Estimate Quarter-Mile ET from Horsepower
  7. Estimate Quarter-Mile Horsepower requirements from ET
  8. Estimate Quarter-Mile Horsepower requirements from MPH
  9. Estimate Quarter-Mile MPH – Km/H from Horsepower
  10. Horsepower Calculator from Quarter Mile Performance

Transmission, Transaxles and Differentials

  1. Calculate Rear End Gear Ratio needed
  2. Calculate Speed(MPH Km/H) for given RPM, Rear Gear Ratio and Trans Gear Ratio
  3. CV Axles explained
  4. GM Automatic transmission identification
  5. GM Manual transmission identification
  6. GM Transmission Ratios
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