The truck has been in this state for a few weeks. I tore the heads off as i will be replacing the stock iron L98 heads with aluminum heads. Still not sure which ones. I also will be removing the engine to install a modified oil pan with -12 oil drain back bungs welded on to it. I am also replacing the motor plate and installing a mid plate. The transmission is getting a few upgrades and a new converter. The stock wiring will be coming out, all Jtec related wiring will be removed from the harness, as will the air bag and abs systems. The ABS unit and module will be removed and a manual proportioning valve will be installed

Other things that need attention are the leaking heater core, finishing the EFI wiring and gauge cluster install. I am also considering going with an electric water pump to help clear u psome room for the cold side piping and intercooler.

I am about to move so the truck will have to stay in this condition for a few weeks to a month. Once I am settled in the new place I will remove the engine and transmission and get to work.

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