Taming the Spaghetti

Started handling the chassis harness. I installed a Speedway 22 circuit universal harness replacing all the factory wiring from bumper to bumper. This includes removing the bulky power distribution center under the hood. Also includes replacing the under dash fuse panel. The new harness weighs less than half of the stock wiring and will simplify things greatly versus trying to tap into the stock harness and make it all work.



The hardest part of the install is making the stock steering column switches work. The harness was designed to work with a GM column and switches. So custom work was needed. The factory turn signal and wiper switch will be fully functional. The headlight switch was replaced with a GM style push-pull switch. The headlight dimmer switch was moved to an old school floor mounted dimmer switch.




There was a floor under all that wiring.


2 thoughts on “Taming the Spaghetti

  1. I was searching for wiring diagrams for my Dakota, and stumbled upon your page. Bad ass truck, by the way. If you were going to do this again, would you use the same wiring harness? I have dry rot wires all over, and I believe it will be easier to replace all the wiring at once.

  2. Well, I used a 22 circuit Speedway harness, and I am very pleased with it. The wires are all printed with circuit descriptions all their length. The Megasquirt harness has been replaced with a Holley harness for the Terminator. I wouldn’t consider using a factory harness once it’s so old. It usually just leads to future headaches. The speedway harness was pretty cheap and came with almost everything you would need.

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