Street Outlaws Shane ‘Blackbird Vega’ Wreck

13516320_631987383642739_7815161814159799805_n Shane ‘Blackbird Vega’ from the Street Outlaws wrecked his car last night at Sayre Street Races in Sayre, Oklahoma. He was airlifted, but alert enough to post a selfie to his twitter account while being airlifted. 13537670_631978626976948_8855246685375107202_n soshanewreck
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  • Prayers to Shane and Bob. Hope they are both OK.

  • hey shane hope you get well soon im from alabama and love to watch you guys race tell bob i said hello

  • Well shane looks like u and bob need to upgrade to a birdmod now hope all is well

  • Let’s see that’s Daddy Dave, Big Chief and Shane from the 405 list that have all had bad crashes within what the last year or so. If I was a driver on the list I might start to wonder when I’m gonna crash.

    • You need to have a pair when you strap yourself into a barely controlable street or strip drag racing machine every weekend during the racing season.

  • Hands down beat small block on the list . can’t believe that happen . prayers go out to you Shane . hope you ok & get better !

  • Johnny Readence

    Godspeed to your recovery!

  • Shane you and the bird has been great for us small block freaks, to see you run neck and neck with all the big blocks AND kick but has been great. I will pray for your recovery. WE need you back (bob also-was he hurt).
    PS. I pilot a 9s Camaro

  • Just saw the crash, I wish you a speedy recovery, and I hope you and the “Blackbird” get back up the list.. You are one of my favorite drivers, you drive from the heart! Street outlaws entertains so many people, I hate to see y’all wreck. Thank you for driving the “Bird”, and God speed with the rebuilding of the car.

  • Shane, we saw your car improve over the past couple of seasons. Bummed out to see the wreck. Thoughts & prayers go out to you for a speedy recovery. You rock man!


  • hay man i didnt knew you had wrecked til i saw it on the computer. man me and my uncle eddie ratliff thought your car was clean. man you get better an get back out thair and build you another car thats just as clea. my uncle was a track racer an a vega was his last car [ won almost every time ] well love to meet you guy an hope you get back ok.

  • Small block Vegas rock. Can’t wait to see new one

  • Hope all is well Shane you have one fast Vega it reminds me of grumpy bill Jenkins Vega fast get well soon

  • well shane you are one of my hero’s i use to drive a black sleeper vega wagon with 383 small block and a 5 speed it all ways would put the passengers in the floor board asking to slow down and im a south carolina your luck and lossguy who loves street racing and working on new project small block s-10 now hope you are ok sorry for your accident and hope to see back at it soon may god bless you and tell bob to keep his head on straight its hard to find a good co pilot . thanks

  • Shane & Bob,
    My wife and I wish you a speedy recovery. I’ve really enjoyed watching you climb up the list, 40 yrs ago I drove a hot-rod Vega GT.
    I hope it’s ok that I took the liberty to create a twin to Bob & just finished installing him in my wife’s LS1 Camaro. She will probably discover him tomorrow when she goes shopping.
    I haven’t told her about her Bob yet or that she’ll have to set an extra place at the table for him on Thanksgiving.

  • I wish shane a speedy recovery did he blow out a tire?

  • Shane, you certainly are a favorite of mine and many others. You had built an exceptionally fast high tech machine. Your cars handling and your driving and composure appeared to be the best of all. It was appalling to see you, Chief and others crash and be injured. Surely you will be considering if you have anything else to “prove” in the drag racing. I wonder if your TV work and notoriety make it monetarily worth while for the high risk in future?

  • Hope you get back to racing soon Shane. Your one of my favorite racers. I have always been a fan of the under dog. But you sir prove week in and week out that you BELONG ON THAT LIST. First thing you need to do before getting back to racing is spend time with your wife and kids first brother. Hope to see you back racing soon. Glad your not hurt bad.

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