Slow Update

Work here at HHP has kept me pretty busy for the past month or so, so update worthy material has been non-existent. Yesterday was the first day I have touched the truck in weeks.

Though, I did get the fuel pump wiring harness, fuel sending harness and fuel cell grounds all wired up. I also finished the ignition and tach wiring. I still need to finish wiring the cooling fan to the relay, and that will be done as well. Now the focus will shift to sourcing a 56.75″ driveshaft, and a shiter. I also need to bleed and fill the brake system as well as replace the cracked transmission dipstick tube. I also noted after running it for about a half-hour the last time I worked on it, there was a small oil leak on the rear passengers side. Hoping it’s only a valve cover gasket leaking.




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