Power Steering and Accessories

This is my power steering pump, it is mounted to the front of the drivers cylinder head. It is a late model GM pump (used on about everything since the early 90’s. I am currently trying to track down a flat V belt pulley for this pump, it was never equipped with one from the factory on any GM vehicle, so this hasn’t been an easy task, however I believe I have found a solution. Moroso part#64860 is a flat V belt style pulley, which will work I believe. It requires a remotely mounted reservoir, but that isn’t an issue since I will be running one already.


This is the Gm alternator mounted down low on the drivers side. With the belt tight, I have approximitly a 1/2″ of clearance between the alternator case and the cross-member. Once the power steering setup is finished, it will share the same belt as the power steering pump.

Here you can see how everything lines up. This required a 1/4″ spacer between the harmonic balancer and the crankshaft pulley to compensate for the thickness of the motor plate between the block and water pump. The serpentine portion of the pulleys will be used in the future when the A/C compressor is mounted on the passengers side.

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