Part Trace Casting Number Database Project

  newsite For a few months, ok over a year. I have been working on a side project. I have been building a database of casting numbers, engine codes and RPO codes. This collection will span all manufacturers and a multitude of parts categories. This will go beyond the typical lists that every other web site has, and so called casting number sites have. I have several sources that provide me information not available to many, and allow me to cover much more than anyone else.  Unfortunately, all of this data must be formatted and entered manually due to variations on the source. So this has been a rather lengthy, drawn out project. But, I am pleased to announce that the site is up and running. I still have thousands of casting numbers to enter, but the majority of the domestic production info is in there. I already have almost 3,200 RPO codes covering all GM models added, with a few thousand more to add as well. So while the site isn’t at 100%, it already has more information available right now than most any other site covering the same topic. So please check it out. You can find it at, or click the image above. Thanks! Brian Esser
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