A quick and dirty tuning explanation courtesy of Mike Frumusa of New Era Performance

300599_10152859548545273_1821621709_n I always get asked about tuning, and what do you do? You just change the air fuel ratio, and add some timing right? It’s not that simple, but I did type something very blunt and simple up a while back, that I decided to share with everyone just a fraction of what tuning a late model vehicle is. This is just the basics, I would have to write a novel to cover everything, my intent is to inform people that are just getting into the newer platforms that don’t understand. My name is Mike Frumusa, I am the owner of New Era Performance here in Rochester, NY. I also do all of the powertrain computer recalibration in my shop, otherwise known as “Tuning”. A brief description of a few of my accomplishments; I have been tuning late model GM for 10+ years. In 2008 I was hired by GM under contract as a calibrations engineer for 3 months, and they also rented my vehicle from me during this timeframe for us to do testing on a future development project. In the last 2 years I have been to Dubai, in the Middle East 5 times to work for the GM Dealership’s performance division to tune the vehicles they are modifying. I have tuned anything from a stock vehicle to a 1200 horsepower street car and race car. My business has been featured in GM High Tech Performance magazine, Fastest Street Car magazine, Chevy High Performance magazine, Popular Hot Rodding magazine, and “FUEL” by Chevrolet Performance, etc, all in the last 6 years. Read more
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