Now to build the other side


Fabbed up the driver’s side intercooler support today.¬†Now to do the other side!¬†First started with cutting two short pieces of square tube stock, then drilling a .500″ hole in each one.

The .500″ tube stock fits nice and tight.


I then cut two 1.250″ long pieces that will serve as the actual mounting point for the support tubes.


Then I had to determine how long the vertical support needed to be, making sure to leave some extra to allow for the notch to mate up to the mounting tube.


Then I used my bend grinder and notched the tube to mate to the mount tube.


After they were tacked together, I could start working on the angles required for the angled support that ties into the main support bar.


20161009_171154 20161009_171146



Then all that was left was to weld the upper outrigger to the main support bar, and weld the horizontal and angled tubes to the upper support. My welds aren’t the prettiest, but they won’t go anywhere.


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