No Going Back Now

Both inner fenders have been removed. I initially cut the majority of the inner fender out with a cutoff disc, the drilled out the spot welds with a rotobroach. It made short work of the task. The fenders need some minor bodywork and they will be good to go.



Removing the inner fenders gave me more room, creating a perfect place for the coils on each side. 


I’m going to use the former fender support brackets as mounting points for the downpipes using rubber isolators to allow them to flex with the engine.

1 thought on “No Going Back Now

  1. Very inspirational project you got going on. I like how you document all the details along the way. I have been itching to do a bowtie swap in mine.
    I have a genII LT1 out of a 95 Camaro that I plan on installing into my 03 Dakota (aka gutless wonder). I cant wait to throw my 3.9 in the junk pile.

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