New Site, and some updates

I have decided to create this site so I can centralize updates to the project, as well as post anything else I feel like posting that is automotive related. So in the future, any progress updates and photos will be posted HERE first.

At the moment I am currently in the process of blocking the truck for the first time. As expecting, there are several areas which will need attention, mainly the passengers side lower door, and the roof. I was pleasantly surprised to find where I shaved the emblem holes and the antenna hole was nearly perfect. I am still working on the hood. There are several small areas that need attention as well as a low spot on the drivers side.

As for the drivetrain, the engine merely needs a set of headers and I will be able to start it, having said that, finding headers that fit has been fun. I have it narrowed down to several choices, mostly variations of the S10 V8 swap headers or building my own using 1.75″ primaries and pre-fabbed flanges. I would prefer to find a set already made, however making my own would allow me to run a larger primary tube and make them in a long tube variation which would help the HP and TQ numbers.

The front accessories have also been a bit of a bear, as I have had a hard time sourcing a V-belt style flat pulley for the late model GM power steering pump. However, it seems my best solution is to ditch the stock pump, and go with a used Nascar style cast iron pump (a modified type II GM pump similar to what I have now). I am also ordering the proper crankshaft pulley spacers this week to compensate for the front motor plate’s thickness.

While the bed is off the frame, I took the opportunity to paint the chassis, suspension and undercoat the cab. I also replaced all the brake lines with nickel-copper lines (they will never rust), and also replaced all the stock fuel lines and ran the return line for the fuel system using the stock tank still.

For a fuel pump, I chose a Holley ‘Blue’ pump. It will be more than enough to feed the new engine when it is ready. The Holley Pump still utilizes the factory harness, but I need to modify the stock fuel pump relay to stay engaged when the key is on, and not just via ECM command. I also intend to add a oil pressure cut-off and a manual swithc on the dash.

So that is it for now. I will post more updates as I progress, and I will make sure to post plenty of photos.

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