New Parts Have Arrived


New LS1 water pump, tensioner, water pump spacers with bolts, new Hummer H3 LH8 oil pan with windage tray, pickup, bolts and new dipstick. Still waiting on the new brackets to arrive so I can put it all together. I also need to get the -10AN oil feed returns welded into the pan.


Decided to use the LS1 water pump as it’s outlet will clear the turbo setup better and allow an almost straight shot into the radiator. 20160625_202008

This is the Hummer H3 LH8 oil pan kit that everyone is selling on eBay these days. It has the most clearance out of all the truck style pans. This will give me the needed room to clear the cross-member due to my engines position.

20160625_202029Here you can see it lacks the added ‘bump’ that the truck pan has at the front of the sump.

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