New Intake and Intercooler Upgrades

I’m currently replacing the BTR Equalizer 1 intake with a Holley High Ram with the Shearer Fabrications integrated 1,800hp sandwich style intercooler with low profile sheet metal upper plenum. With as tight as the engine compartment is, fitting a large air to water intercooler isn’t feasible (not without major front end surgery and relocating the radiator). So the best option is a sandwich style intercooler. Not only do they save space, they also save weight and are a great option as the much shorter path from the cooler to the intake port means lower IATs and hence more power. These units have been proven to make 100 additional horsepower by themselves.

The biggest downfall, and big is an understatement is the sheer size of this intake combo. At around 15.5″ tall, fitting it under a stock hood isn’t close to possible. Add to the fact my engine is placed further back than typical swaps for weight transfer. So much of the wiper cowl that typically overhangs the engine location will have to be removed. Meaning I will lose at least the passenger side wiper.

As you can see, this intake is several times taller than the BTR. Which means I am going to have to remove a large portion of the wiper cowl that overhangs the engine compartment. I will also lose the passenger side wiper blade. This really isn’t a concern since with 800+ horsepower on drag radials, driving in the rain will be something I will avoid at all costs anyways.


The intercooler has two -16AN ORB style outlets on the passengers side.


These rear ports are two 1/8″ NPT and one 3/8″ NPT and a GM bolt in style MAP sensor port. I will be using the same bolt in ZR1 MAP sensor I have currently. The two 1/8″ NPT ports will feed the blow off valves and the fuel pressure regulator using 1/4″ push connector line and fittings. The 3/8″ NPT port will remain plugged.


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