My Inbox Is Exploding


When I first created this site four years ago, I never expected it to reach the audience it now has. The very first time I received an email from someone wanting my help, I was flattered and gladly offered my assistance, and to this day, I still try my very best to be as of much help as I can when one of my readers has a problem, or needs pointed in a direction. Whats changed is the volume of requests. I receive several dozen on most days and even more on some. Ranging from simple questions about my truck, casting numbers all the way to custom wiring projects. However, I am burdened with the flaw of being human, and that means often many emails go unintentionally unanswered. I am in the process of really sitting down and wondering whats the best course of action to handle this. I want to see the site continue to grow and become something. But, I don’t want my followers and readers to have their questions unanswered.

Cliff Notes: If you have tried to contact me and I haven’t responded, I apologize and will get to you as soon as humanly possible.

Thanks for visiting!


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