My Grandfather’s 1937 Chevy Pickup


This is my grandfathers (now my Uncle’s) 1937 Chevy Pickup, with a 216ci Straight Six in it. Some of my oldest memories are of exploring this truck when it was buried to the frame sitting in my grandmother’s barn when I was a child. Chickens, birds and who knows what else had made the cab their home. After years or work and restoration, it’s now driveable once again and in great shape, with everything under the body either new or rebuilt and painted. Though the trip up here for my grandmother’s 81st birthday took it’s tool as one of the front lights, and a few beauty rings decided to depart at highway speed (way faster than this truck was meant to go lol). I’m very happy to see it on the road again and to know that it was saved, and I know my grandfather is looking down and smiling his old truck has a new life.

More photos below.

20130601_163418 20130601_163359 20130601_163434 20130601_163427

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