More Progress on Turbo Downpipes



I made a bit more progress on the passengers side exhaust tonight.

The above photo shows the distance of the first bend from the header tubes. Too far out. I wanted something nice and tucked in. I shortened the straight section about .750″ to bring the bend closer to the headers and to make it clear the inner fender a bit better. This worked out well as it gave me about .250″ of clearance around the pipe between the fenderwell.


Here you can see how the bend is now tucked in closer and sits lower.


Now for the straight section leading back to the beginning of the compound curves that are going to drop down behind the wheel in the rear of the wheel well and exit behind the front tire. This works out well as the factory Dakota inner fender is clearanced there and removing the plastic inner fender liner gives me plenty of room to work with.

20161030_201004 20161030_200959

You can see tucking the pipe in closer to the header also keeps the height down and somewhat in line with the header.

20161030_202408 20161030_202421

These show the clearance between the inner fender. It is not touching anywhere and allows me enough room to clear the header wrap.


This is the location where the exhaust will exit behind each front wheel. The wastegate dump tubes will exit beside it with the dump tube to the left of this tube in the photo. They will both exit evenly in line with each other.


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