More goodies have arrived

More parts have arrived today. This will get me almost ready to fire the engine for the first time. I still need to change the engine harness and swap over to all weatherpack style connections as well as wire up the factory gauges and remote coil HEI ignition system. It won’t be long now.

Below is the list of parts I received today.

  • Tall polished cast aluminum centerbolt style valve covers
  • 2 push-in filtered breathers
  • Felpro permaseal valve cover gaskets
  • -6AN braided fuel line from regulator to carb
  • Assorted -6AN fittings and liquid filled fuel pressure gauge
  • Brand new water pump (long style)
  • 1/4″ crankshaft pulley spacers and new harmonic balancer bolt
  • New flexplate (168 tooth)
  • 3,000rpm stall torque converter for the TH350 I just rebuilt
  • Adjustable electric radiator fan controller
  • New 8mm plug wires and retainers
  • Recirculating catch can


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