Finally got to try to mock the engine it’s position. Still not sure if I will keep the engine in the stock location or move it a far back as possible. I was pleased to see the up and forward headers will work. I was concerned with them clearing the power brake booster, but there is plenty of room as you can see below.


The next area of concern is clearance with the radiator and core support. The radiator issue can be solved by mounting a universal radiator lower and possibly at an angle. The upper core support issue is going to be taken care of by building a new tubular upper core support that will bolt into the stock location. It will provide mounting points for the stock hood latch as well as serve as an additional support for the turbos themselves. They are both pretty heavy and would destroy the headers if left to support their entire weight. The next issue is the headers have a 3″ long collector on them after the merge and before the V band. I am going to cut this out and shorten them up giving me some more clearance.


Placement of the turbos is going to require a low mounted alternator and possibly power steering pump. I may try to run the F body balancer and low mount brackets.


I have a huge list of items to get done, but this is definitely motivation.


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