Joe’s Racing Steering Wheel Install

After getting the Kirkey seats and new carpet installed. It was obvious the stock steering wheel wasn’t going to work. It just looks out of place with the new goodies. So a replacement was in order.

I settled on the 15″ Joe’s Racing lightweight steering wheel (Part# 13535B) with a 2.5″ dish. It’s crazy how light this wheel.

The stock steering wheel removed and the air bag clock spring is shown.

The clock spring is what allows the air bag and steering wheel controls to function with the rotation of the steering wheel.

The clock spring has been removed and the Grant steering wheel adapter is slid onto the steering shaft.

The Grant (Part# 4320 ) adapter allows you to bolt the more common 3 bolt steering wheel in place. It is illegal for a company to make an adapter to replace an air bag equipped vehicle. However the Dakota/Durango uses a common shaft setup. The adapter I used is intended for the old Chrysler and Plymouth FWD cars.

The downside is that the horn mechanism doesn’t work with the Dakota horn setup. Meaning you will have to splice the horn wires to make it work. Which isn’t too hard.


I still need to install a center cap once I find one I like.

The only downside is that the wheel is shallower than the stock wheel. So it puts it closer to the turn signal stalk. So your hand would hit it every time you turn the wheel with your hand in that position. To remedy that I used my heat gun and heated the turn signal lever and bent it back enough to give me clearance. This might not be a issue depending what wheel you choose and the dish of the wheel.




I really love the appearance and the added visibility of the digital dash is a bonus.

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