It Runs Again, Ignition Is Done And Made Some Fuel System Changes


Just finished making some changes to the fuel system. Changes include upgrading to a Holley 650 double pump, dual feed carburetor as well as eliminating the return line from the regulator to the fuel cell. The Edelbrock pump has adjustable pressure settings and is set to 9psi, and the regulator mounted under the hood is used for final adjustments to 7psi for better fine tuning. I also replaced all the Jegs branded Push-loc hose with Russel Twist-Loc hose. The Jegs hose was at the time I purchased it, advertised as being compatible with fuel, however later their listing was changed to specifically note that it was NOT compatible with fuel. 

The ignition system was also completed. Consisting of the MSD Grid controller mated to a MSD 6AL box pushing a MSD Billet Distributor, MSD HVAC coil and triggered by a MSD crank trigger setup. The Grid’s software is excellent and made setting up initial timing and timing curves dead simple. The added features of the 5 stage curves, launch control etc make it a no brainer.

The majority of the wiring is completed, with only the switches for burnout and launch still needing to be installed, however I need to build the shifter mounted panel for them to sit in.

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