Interior and Transmission work

I should have updated this two months ago when I did it, but work and other things have kept me busy. The headliner is done and installed, as are the recovered visors and all the hardware has been color matched. No more ugly grey headliner!

Since this was completed, I have also built a TH350 transmission that will be taking the place of the 4L60E that currently is in the truck. The TH350 has a hardened sprag and has been dual fed, which significantly increases it’s strength, so it should live just fine in Project Sublime. I have also located the power steering pump I will be using, it is off of a 97′ Dodge Neon with the 2.4 liter engine, it is now connected via new stock lines to the rack. Though, I do still need a fluid reservoir, and an adapter fitting for the 16×1.5mm pump fitting.










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