I’m Having Twins!

My twins showed up! Two GT45 turbos.

Specs are below.

Intake I.D 2.25″, O.D 3.25″

Compress Trim 69; .66A/R; IND 68.70MM; EXD 97.80MM 

Turbine Trim 92; 1.05 A/R; IND 87.40MM; EXD 77MM

Exhaust Downpipe Flange Standard 3.5″ V-band

Exhaust Turbo Manifold Flange Standard T4

Intake Inlet 4″

I am mating these to a frozenboost 1,200hp air to water intercooler kit with rear mounted heat exchanger, two 46mm wastegats on co2 and a 50mm BOV. I will be using a 2.5″ cold side with 4″ down pipes to 3″ exhaust. Boost will be controlled via the Megasquirt using a 10lb co2 tank and boost solenoids.

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