Going Back Together


The new turbos are on! They are considerably smaller and lighter than the GT45s and will allow more room for downpipe clearance. The wastegates and blow-off valve are also on.

First here is a comparison between the 60/62s and the GT45s.

Here you can see how tight the right hand wastegate is to the upper core support. Still have enough room for the fitting on top of the gate.The gate will dump into the downpipe on each side.

Here is the driver’s side gate with plenty of room, though the gates dump pipe will have to make a larger turn to dump into the downpipe.

Both gates and the blow-off valve are from VS Racing.

50mm Blow-off valve mounted.

I now need to change the charge pipes coming off the turbos going to the intercooler. The current ones are 3″, the turbo outlets are 2.5″, so I am downsizing the pipes to 2.5″ going into the intercooler.


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