Going back together

Spent the afternoon putting the truck back together. I reassembled the window regulators, installed the latches and exterior handles, as well as all the weatherstripping. I also installed the headlights and parking lamp lenses. I painted the wiper arms as they were faded, and reinstalled them with new wiper blades, as well as reinstalling the windshield trim and seals.

I also finished putting the door wiring harnesses back in, and buttoned up a majority of the interior trim panels. I still have the headliner out as it will need recovered before putting it back up. I was really surprised honestly with how quickly it went back together. If time and weather permit (and I’m not too busy working on everyone else’s stuff), I might pull all the exterior bits off and lay down a nice thick coat of primer since it might be a while before any painting gets done. I had thought about saying fuck it, and laying down a coat of hot rod primer black, but I dunno.

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