Getting Wired


I fabbed up my coil mount, it is made from a scrap piece of 1/4″ aluminum plate. It mounts the coil extremely solid. I still need to remove it an finish it off.

I also ordered a large portion of the components for my electrical upgrade which consists of mounting the majority of the electrical components on a 1/8″ aluminum panel mounted to the back of the cable behind the passengers seat. Things such as the MSD ignition components, nitrous controller, fuse sub-panel and various relays. I am even considering moving and extending the PCM harness to mount the JTEC behind the seat as well. Though, I am still up in the air as it currently only functions to control the gauges and a few other miscellaneous items.

The harness will pass thru the firewall via a 22 pin bulkhead connector. Battery power will pass thru via a thru panel battery stud. Power will be supplied via the PDC under the hood using the stock starter feed stud and protected via a 100 amp fuse. 

20130914_204048 20130914_203957

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