Fuel system pics

Here are some photos of the fuel system, the fuel cell, new lines and new Edelbrock pump.

12 Gallon RCI pro-street fuel cell with -8 outlets and a -6 return. I still need to plumb up the vent line.



Edelbrock 120GPH Quiet-Flow pump that replaced the junk 110GPH Holley ‘Blue’ pump that I posted about earlier. It’s fed via a single -8 hose and a -8 fuel filter. Running from the pump to the regulator is -6 push-loc hose.


Holley 2 port fuel pressure regulator. The 180* fitting is the return line.


The -6 supply line and -6 return line. This system should easily feed an engine in the 500-600hp range, and later on, if need be, simply bumping the supply line and return line up to -8 and stepping up to a bigger pump feeding a 600+hp engine would be no problem. Pardon the wiring mess. I am still working on putting together the sending unit harness, and fuel cell grounds.


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