Cool Tools: Nemisys OBD2 Scan Tool System

I just ordered the OTC Nemisys OBD2 scan tool system. Should be here tomorrow, here is a run down of some of the features. Nemisys USA Domestic & Asian Product Features:
  • NEW Code-Assist™ experienced-based Confirmed Fixes™ from Idenifix™
  • NEW Nemisys OBD II Smart Cable expands the system coverage to include GM Single Wire CAN systems and more!
  • NEW coverage includes Body and Chassis systems along with Engine, Transmission, ABS and Airbag.
  • NEW Repair Information — Typical Sensor/Data Specs.
  • NEW USA Domestic OBD I & OBD II coverage (1984 thru 2011).
  • USA Asian OBD I & OBD II optional coverage (1983 thru 2011).
  • NEW OBD II Mode “A” support — the 10th Mode.
  • Domestic and Asian Enhanced Data & DTCs.
  • Global OBD II Asian & European coverage (1996 thru 2011).
  • Data Graphing.
  • CAN Enabled — no adapters to buy.
  • Record / Playback.
  • Vehicle Protocols: CAN, J1850 VPM, J1850 PWM, ISO 9141, Keyword 2000, UART, SCP, SCI, CCD, and more.
  • Gasoline and diesel engine coverage.
  • Vehicle data communication and power LED indicators.
  • Demo mode permits operation without vehicle connection.
  • Supports multiple trouble code requests, generic codes (mode 3), pending codes (mode 7), enhanced codes, and GM DTC status.
  • On-screen definitions of diagnostic trouble codes.
  • On-screen text in Spanish, French, and English.
  • Trilingual Quick Start Guide included to help technicians get started fixing cars FAST.
  • CD-based manuals in Spanish,French, and English.
  • Customize data views in line graph, LED, or digital format with the push of a button.
  • Automatic recording of data.
  • Three record modes — marker frame, freeze data history, and code triggered record.
  • Four software-definable function keys.
  • Includes six AA batteries for uninterrupted power supply and off-vehicle use.
  • Internet upgradable.
Nemisys Vehicle Coverage
Domestic Kit Vehicle Coverage USA Asian Vehicle Coverage
GM Ford Chrysler Jeep Saturn USA Asian (Global OBD II). USA European (Global OBD II). ’84–2011’84–2011 ’88–2011 ’91–2011 ’91–2011 ’96–2010 ’96–2011 Honda Toyota Nissan Mitsubishi Mazda Hyundai Kia Isuzu And more Asian Systems ’85–2011’88–2011 ’87–2011 ’88–2011 ’83–2011 ’89–2011 ’95–2011 ’84–2011
Software Version List
  • USA Domestic Enhanced 2010 v1.00
  • USA Domestic Enhanced 2009 v1.01
  • USA Domestic Enhanced 2008 v1.02
  • USA Domestic Enhanced 2007 v1.03
  • USA Domestic Enhanced 2006 v1.24
  • USA Domestic Enhanced 2005 v1.25
  • USA Domestic Enhanced 2003 v1.36
  • USA Asian Import 2010 v1.00
  • USA Asian Import 2009 v1.01
  • USA Asian Import 2008 v1.02
  • USA Asian Import 2007 v1.03
  • USA Asian Import 2006 v1.24
  • USA Asian Import 2005 v1.25
  • Latin America 2007 v1.00
  • Latin America 2004 v1.40
  • System v3.02
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