Cold side is almost done


My cold side components and the new intercooler came in. It consists of 3″ off of each turbo into the intercooler and 3.5″ out of the intercooler into the throttle body. The intercooler is a 1,200hp Type 26 intercooler from, it measures 15″x6.5″x6″ and flows 1,200cfm.


The intercooler just clears the upper core support. I also need to mount the blow-off valve to the main charge pipe. I will be using a single 50mm Tial BOV.


Now need to begin building the new lower core support and the supports for the intercooler. The turbos also are going to have supports bolted in between the T4 flanges and the headers. They will be bolted to the block to support the weight of the turbos so the headers do not crack.


The intercooler has -12 AN fittings, -12 hoses will connect it to the chill tank that will be in the bed.  The radiator simply would not work with this setup, so a custom radiator setup is going under or in the bed.

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