Check out that backside

Now to find one local..

I’ve settled on the next phase of Project Sublime, that is the rear suspension. Instead of going with a traditional 4 link, or ladder bar setup. I have decided to go with a C4 Corvette IRS swap. Adding IRS will truly make an incredible difference in how the truck handles. Plus, the availability of aftermarket parts means if I want to upgrade down the road, it will be fairly easy. 

Now to source on locally, but with prices ranging from $400 to $1,000, finding a decent one should be fairly easy. I plan on adding upgraded U-joints, urethane bushings throughout, slotted rotors with EBC pads and an upgraded 30mm sway bar.

I am still unsure whether to add 1″ 5 to 6 lug spacers to compensate for the 2″ difference in width versus the stock differential, or convert the front rotors and hubs to 5 lug and open up many more rim choices? ZR1 rims on a Dakota? Hmmmmm.

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