My Inbox Is Exploding

cc_online_media_email_211013_16x9_1600 When I first created this site four years ago, I never expected it to reach the audience it now has. The very first time I received an email from someone wanting my help, I was flattered and gladly offered my assistance, and to this day, I still try my very best to be as of much help as I can when one of my readers has a problem, or needs pointed in a direction. Whats changed is the volume of requests. I receive several dozen on most days and even more on some. Ranging from simple questions about my truck, casting numbers all the way to custom wiring projects. However, I am burdened with the flaw of being human, and that means often many emails go unintentionally unanswered. I am in the process of really sitting down and wondering whats the best course of action to handle this. I want to see the site continue to grow and become something. But, I don’t want my followers and readers to have their questions unanswered. Cliff Notes: If you have tried to contact me and I haven’t responded, I apologize and will get to you as soon as humanly possible. Thanks for visiting! Brian.
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Ready for spring

haters-gonna-hate Not much in the way of updates, between work, family and the other site, the truck has taken a back seat. But, I will be bringing it home very soon where I will have much more time to work on it. I need to finish installing the Grid, new battery cables and switches. Then start on the new engine build. If you want to follow the build, or get updates, from here on out, this site will be the only place to find them. I’ve decided to no longer post any updates on any of the Dakota sites primarily due to thread crapping and trolling from people who hate the fact there is a Chevrolet engine under the hood.
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Technical Issues Resolved

technicalDifficulties As you may have noticed, the site has been down for the past 24 hours or so. The issue was started with a set of WordPress plugins conflicting causing a huge server load, which in turn caused my hosting company to block all http traffic to the site. Traffic was blocked, however http access was granted to myself via a password and login which needed to be entered into a popup box. However this box was generated on any page, or website that linked, or hot-linked to this domain. Meaning, if I responded to a post on one of the numerous forums I frequent, every time someone loads the page, thus calling this domain to display my sig pic, the login box was generated. You can imagine how frustrating and annoying this was, and caused me to get my signature deleted from several boards. It even lead to me being called a spammer. lol Hardly. I removed the suspect plugins and the initial issue was resolved and http access was supposedly granted. However, anything not hosted in the main directory was still bringing up a 404 error. It seems that whoever flipped on my http access, only partially did so. Talk about annoying! But, the issue has been fixed and the site should be up and fully running once again. If you encounter any strange bugs, please feel free to drop me a line and let me know!
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