1320 Response Video – Graphic Language

I had initially not intended to publish this video, however I’ve been asked about it multiple times and told I should. Please excuse the language as I was highly annoyed with the treatment and products I had received after spending $560 with them. This is a response to the owner of 1320 Wheels who after hearing my complaints more or less called me a liar. In their defense, they did offer a full refund, however due to time constraints (due to their slow shipping) that was not an option, and I had to correct their poor workmanship and replace the cheap parts they used.

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My Baby is Home

Since I am moving back to my hometown due to my illness. It meant either driving the truck back home, or towing it. Since I still need to replace the fourth gear solenoid and I have yet to do a nut and bolt safety check. I decided to trailer it there. My friend Travis was kind enough to help me out. His trailer was pretty slick but she got herself up there. While we were strapping it down. I let it idle to just get some heat in the engine since it’s been sitting for a while.

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She Runs and Drives With Some Bugs To work Out

It’s been a while since I have updated.

First the truck. I’ve been driving it around town when I get a chance, which sadly isn’t that often. There is several bugs to work out. The first and most major issue is the brakes. The manual master cylinder I went with was a 1.125″ bore Strange unit. It’s too large. I need to downsize it to a 7/8″ bore for more braking pressure. The second issue is the transmission doesn’t want to shift into fourth gear. The shift solenoid has failed. So I am going to replace all the solenoids in the transmission. There is also an annoying leak from the ICT aluminum water pump spacers. They are the initial design that used orings. The new ones now use a traditional gasket. So I will be replacing those also.

I did not get a chance to complete the tune since I got very sick and was bedridden for about seven to eight weeks due to my cancer treatment. So unfortunately, that means I have to wait till spring. The drag radials do not like cold weather. Anything under about 40 degrees and it’s silly easy to spin the tires. 

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It’s been a while since I have posted any updates or progress.I’ve been rather busy with work, but I have been working on the truck here and there knocking the ever growing list of small jobs down one by one. This includes making the PTFE transmission cooler lines, modifying the TCI outlaw shifter to go from a 3 speed configuration to a 4 speed configuration. Installing the shift lever and cable bracket.

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