Toyota readies “DragQuoia” Sequoia Family Dragster for SEMA

Oh, SEMA. There’s no other show on the face of the planet that would be so bold as to serve up a creation like the one seen above. This is the questionably named DragQuoia, and it’s a slammed Toyota Sequoia with a 650-horsepower TRD supercharged V8 engine shoved under the hood, complete with nitrous. Toyota says the machine can bolt down the quarter mile in somewhere between nine and 10 seconds, thanks in part to the fact it has been stripped of 1,600 pounds of “non-essential” weight – presumably dirty diapers and sippy cups. The DragQuoia was built by NHRA Top Fuel points leader Antron Brown as part of the Toyota Racing Dream Build Challenge. A set of 21.5-inch wide rear tires help shuttle the power to the pavement, and indoors, the DragQuoia features four race seats with harnesses for fun with the family as well as a full roll cage and an appropriately sized parachute. The DragQuoia faces off against a Kyle Busch-designed Camry, a Prius whipped up by Clint Bowyer and a Tundra penned by Alexis DeJoria. Fans can vote for their favorite, with the winner taking home a $50,000 check from Toyota from their charity of choice. Read more
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This RC Car Chase Blows Away Some Hollywood Blockbusters

You may never again be able to justify spending your hard-earned cash at the movie theater when you see what a group of incredibly talented amateur filmmakers are able to pull off with a small fleet of RC cars. Working with the video game developers behind Need for Speed: Most Wanted and a skilled crew, Freddie Wong and Brandon Laatsch created this scale police chase action sequence that is just as impressive as multi-million dollar Hollywood productions. All the requisite cliches are there, including smashed fruit stands, flipped cop cars, and a helicopter giving chase. It’s just that everything happens on a far smaller scale—except the action. And the making of video is just as fascinating to watch. Although, the lack of tiny RC crew trailers or a miniature craft services truck is a little disappointing. Source: Gizmodo  
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