How to drive your club into the ground 101

idiotic   So basically they are saying, shut up, don’t point out the piss-poor moderation, or the fact they move and delete posts that trash their shady platinum vendor P.I.E, or else you will be banned. Banning dozens of members, some long standing members who helped the group grow to what it is, is simply idiotic and a sign that they are out of control. I can only laugh as they implode all the while lying about it and pretending the ship isn’t sinking.
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Something smells in the Mopar family..

doomed For going on 16 years now I have belonged to one, or numerous automotive related websites and forums at one time or another. Usually it would change from time to time as my interests changed and I built and sold various projects. Sometimes I would even build a specialty website catering to a single model or brand (this very website was at one time a Buick Regal specialty site!). But, the one thing that they all shared, was a common love for whatever it was, be it a Chevrolet, a Ford or even an import. The common interest usually was the dominant theme running throughout the community. Sure, when you take several hundred, thousand or tens of thousands of people, and you bring them all together, you will from time to time have friction. People are people and no one always gets along. When instances did flame up, the community, be it the members themselves ,or the site/groups moderators almost always did their best to extinguish the fires before they consumed the group as it was in the best interest of preserving the community. Which leads me to present time. We now have a rift in the Mopar, specifically the Dakota family, that is fostering an us versus them attitude, all the while a national level organization using it’s might to divide the community, and silence the voices of those that dare disagree with their agenda of separatism and personal attacks against those who shed light on their antics. Or to protect their vested interest in their largest vendor after numerous unhappy customers and poor work, or to cover up the current leaders personal agendas. Regardless of the reasoning, it’s nothing but bad news for the community, and for the hobby in general. We are part of a hobby that is under constant attack, be it from environmentalists, by legislators, or even simply by higher and higher fuel prices. The last people with whom we need to be feuding with are the very same people we share an interest with. Turning a national level organization into nothing more than a hammer to crush your supposed enemies does nothing to grow the hobby, and only drives more and more people away. Even now, they are losing members and many more are dropping out once their dues are up. Will these people disappear? Of course not, they will simply fragment off to smaller groups/sites and stay there. What purpose does that serve? When did splitting a group into two factioning armies ever produce anything beyond a constant feud?


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