What’s It Take To Run 6.16 In A Street Truck? Look Inside The ProLine Racing Engine That Propelled Larson On Drag Week 2014

DSCN2904 From Bangshift.com When Larry Larson and I decided we were going after a 6th Hot Rod Drag Week Title for him in 2014, we also wanted to be the quickest and fastest street car in history. And while Andy Frost’s 6.4 second record was impressive, our goal all along was to run 5.9 seconds. In order to do that, we needed light weight and big power. Here is an overview of how we got the power. At PRI, Larry and I talked to the guys at Brodix about a 5.0 bore space PB5000 combination, and started initial discussions about the build with Larson’s long time engine builder Mike Moran. Moran clearly knows how to build power, but later conversations, sponsor support, and several weekends at Pro Mod races got us talking to Eric Dillard and Steve Petty at ProLine Racing Engines. Once they heard our plans, ProLine jumped at the chance to be a part of this adventure and the ball was officially rolling. Read more
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