Timing Cover Part Numbers

1C2OE-6059-DFord1962 – 64260/289260 – 289 and early HIPO w/ oil filer tube
2C3AE-6059-AFord1963 – 68All FE
3C3OE-6059-BFord1963 – 64Small Block
4C4OE-6059-AFord1964260/289Falcon Mustang Tiger
5C4AZ-6019-AFord1964260/289Falcon Mustang Tiger
6C4TE-6059FordFE Truck, Cast Iron
7C5OE-6059-AFord1965 – 67289Small Block Early casting W/intergrated timing…
8C5OE-6059-A*Ford1965 – 67289Small Block Later casting W/intergrated timing…
9C8AE-6059-AFord302With dipstick tube
10C8AE-6059-BFord1969 – 70FE, w/ 428 SCJ timing pointer
11C9OE-6059-AFord1969 –302/351WBOSS 302 uses a special dipstick
12D2TE-6059-AFord1972 –FE Truck
13C9AZ-6026-BFord429Timing pointer BOSS 429

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