Exhaust Manifold Casting Numbers

11165212Buick1954-55264/322Right Side
21168110Buick1956322Right Side
31169001Buick1956322Left Side
41169265Buick1956322Left Side
51175575Buick1956322Left Side, also with dual exhaust.
61175576Buick1956322Right Side, also used with dual exhaust.
71185463Buick1957-58364Left and Right Side
81185602Buick1959-60364/401Right Side
91185603Buick1959-60364/401Left Side
101186291Buick1959-60364/401Left Side
111187336Buick1957-58364Roadmaster, Limited
121196457Buick1961364/401Left Side
131196974Buick1961364/401Right Side
141345564Buick1954-55264/322Left Side
151345565Buick1954-55264/322Left Side
161348477Buick1962-64401/425Left Side
171351702Buick1962401Right Side
181367159Buick1965-66401/425Left Side
191372319Buick1965-66401Left Side, GS
201377476Buick1965-66401Right Side, GS
211377480Buick1964-66401/425Right Side
221396568Buick1963401/425Right Side
231453754Cadillac1949 – 51331Left side
241453961Cadillac1949 – 51331Right side
251461495Cadillac1952 – 55331Left side
261462987Cadillac1956365Right side
271463961Cadillac1952 – 55331Right side
281464110Cadillac1956 – 57365Left side
291464237 Cadillac1957365Right side
301469298Cadillac1958365Right side
311475390 Cadillac1959 – 62390Right side
321475463 Cadillac1958 – 65365/390/4291958 365 Left side, 1959 – 64 390 Left Side, 1965…
331477980Cadillac1963 – 64390Right side
341481668Cadillac1965429Right Side, Fleetwood
351482752Cadillac1965 – 67429Left Side
361483915Cadillac1965 – 67429Right Side
371485555Cadillac1967429Left Side Eldorado
381485556Cadillac1967429Right Side Eldorado
391485749 Cadillac1968472Left Side
401485750Cadillac1968472Right Side
411486383CadillacSee Notes472/5001968 – 69 472 Left side, 1970 – 75 472/500 Leftt…
421486442CadillacSee Notes472/5001968 – 69 472 Right side, 1975 500 Right Side
431495095Cadillac1970 – 74472/500Right Side
44329225Chevrolet1973 – 76454Left Hand Side
45353028Chevrolet1973 – 76454Left Hand Side
46353030Chevrolet1973 – 76454Left Hand Side, Police Package
473797901Chevrolet1962 – 631962 – 1963 Chevy Corvette, Left Hand, used on…
483797902Chevrolet1962 – 631962 – 1963 Chevy Corvette, Right Hand Side,…
493797942Chevrolet1964 – 65No mounting ear, and was originally used on the…
503846563Chevrolet1964 – 65Driver’s side and has an alternator mounting ear…

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