Carpet Install

I decided I didn’t like the look or the tin can effect of not having carpet in the cab. So I hopped on eBay and ordered a direct fit carpet kit from eBay user automatstore. It’s made by Auto Custom Carpets.

Once the carpet arrived, I removed it from the box and left it to sit in the sun to help it lay flat in the cab.

Once the carpet was laid out. I used the four mounting studs for the shifter to center and align the carpet. Making small slits to pop the studs through helped hold the carpet and keep it from pulling to one side or the other. The carpet came very well formed and needed very little trimming. It only needed an inch or so trimmed off the rear and a half-inch or so trimmed off the front and drives side edge.  

Shifter mounting studs.

Shifter mount bolted in.

Shifter cable passing through the grommet I placed in the floor prior to laying the carpet.

Spaghetti wiring needing to be finished.

Old school floor mounted dimmer switch.



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