Having an issue with this low spot where I welded the antenna hole shut in the fender. I have tried filling it twice, but each time I block it, the filler is completely removed. Pardon the scratches, I only had a piece of 320 grit handy. After getting some advice, I am going to try lightly hammering the plug down, dimpling the area to give the filler more room. I also will be switching to a better round block.


This will be the next area of attention. The passengers side door at the bottom was pretty wavey and had been poorly repaired and painted by t he previous owner. This is after hitting it with some lightweight filler and an initial blocking. Still some low spots, but nothing major.

The hood only had a few low spots, and one ding. Though it will be cut and a scoop molded on to it. Though, I am still debating on what type of scoop.

I am leaning towards the Max Wedge style scoop.

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