Been an exhausting weekend

Having been running this thing for the past few months with open headers, I decided to give the neighbors and myself a break, and get the exhaust installed. Something easier said than done. To say the header fit is tight, is a understatement. My initial plan was to use stubby flanged down pipes to meet up with the rest of the exhaust system. Quickly it became clear that wasn’t going to happen as both lower control arm mounts were in the way. Not having a bender, and not wanting to spend $40 for a piece of mandrel bent pipe, I decided to make my own. I made multiple fish mouth cuts in each pipe allowing the pipe to curve, and clear the mounts. It worked, though with no more than a 1/4″ clearance on the passengers side. This then required quite a bit of welding and grinding, but it worked.

Then I welded two 45* bends trimmed to tuck the pipes up as tight as I could while clearing any other obstacles. Then I ran two pieces of 2.5″ pipe to two 2.5″ turbo mufflers with no tails or downpipes. Two simple hangers and the system is done, and nice and secure. I was able to hang off of it without it moving. I still need to adjust the drivers side muffler so it is level with the passengers side.

The truck is quieter than I expected, but it still has a bit of a rumble when it’s warmed up at idle, and I’m sure once the mufflers age, they will get a bit noisier.