Baby Got New Shoes

Despite the rain last saturday, I was determined to get the new tires on the truck. The truck still had the 13 year old General Grabbers on it that were on the truck when my sister and her husband bought the truck over a decade ago.

They were 33×12.5×15’s, and honestly left a bit too much wheel well for my liking. So I stepped up to a 35×12.5×15 Cooper STT Pros. They are a great tire that we sell quite a few of and perform on the road as well as off the road. So first things first, I got the truck up off the ground and got the wheels off. Times like this make me glad to have a 1/2″ drive electric impact. Made short work of removing stubborn lug nuts. 

Once the wheels were off, I drove over to work and dismounted the old, dry rotted Generals and installed the new Coopers. 

I was worried if they would clear at full lock, wasn’t an issue at all. I honestly could have gone with 36’s, but I am happy with these. 

With the truck on the stands from where I removed the 33’s I was barely able to get the wheels back on. It sits right where I wanted it. I am pretty pleased. 

For comparison, the blue Dakota is my daily and has 32″ tall tires and the torsion bars cranked all the way.

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