Air to water it is

Water to Air Intercooler DIY Kit 1200 HP
This water to air intercooler kit is superior to air to air intercooler solutions.

Including a double-wide, ultra high performance water to air intercooler core, a pump, and a radiator (heat exchanger) with dual fans custom designed for water to air intercooler applications, this kit offers extraordinary value.

The Intercooler Core100% Lightweight aluminum, No Epoxy Used In Core

Recommended for over 1500 CFM
Pressure Drop: Less than 0.2 PSI. This is not a typo! Liquid/Air Intercoolers have incredibly low pressure drop.
Inlet: 3.5″ Outlet: 3.5″
Core Size: 10″x9″x4.5″ (Endtanks add to length)
Maximum water pressure: 70 PSI
This intercooler has the inlet and outlet on the SAME SIDE.

The Fans

These fans include the mounting kit shown, which is used to secure the fan directly to the radiator through the fins with no additional mounting components.

Why are our universal fans superior to other similar products on the market?

  • Unlike some of the universal fans out there, the blades on our fans are easily reversible, not just the motor. This means you get the superior flow of a curved-blade design with the versatility of a push/pull reversible fan.
  • Unlike some of the universal fans out there, our fans include the mounting feet and ALSO come with through-radiator mounting kits that sell for $5-$7 at most auto parts stores.
  • Unlike some of the universal fans out there, our fans are only 2.5″ deep at the deepest point, making them ideal for installations in cramped areas.

The Radiator

These radiators are designed specifically for use in water to air intercooler applications.

  • Only one inch thick, they cool water as close to ambient temperature as possible and are easy to mount in tight locations.
  • With eight strategically placed mounting points, they are easily mountable with the water inlet and outlet on either the left or the right.
  • All aluminum construction provides maximum cooling with water or antifreeze/coolant.
  • Water inlet and outlet are 1/2″ NPT female threads.
  • These radiators feature a fill/pressure cap on top and a drain plug on the bottom for incredible installation flexibility.
  • In case you wish to include a water temperature gauge in your installation, these radiators feature a 1/8-27 NPT tap for a temperature sending unit. They ship with a plug installed in case you do not wish to use this feature.

An excellent match for the intercooler core.

The Pump

The pump is the key to producing such an economical kit. Other pumps which are purpose built for water to air intercooler systems cost up to ten times as much!

These Rule 401FC pumps are designed for livewell/baitwell/bilge applications but their high flow rate and low cost makes them ideal for use as water to air intercooler pumps.

  • Must be mounted at the low point in the system – these pumps push water but they will not pull it.
  • Must be mounted after the water in your system is cooled (after radiator or icebox) – excessive heat may result in premature pump failure.
  • Pump operates on 12V-14V DC.
  • Flow rate: 500 GPH.
  • Designed for use with room temperature water, however we have tested these pumps long term with 130° antifreeze/coolant with excellent results.
  • Designed with a minimum 1500-hour service life in mind, these pumps come with a 3 year warranty direct from Rule/ITT. However, use with high temperature water and/or antifreeze/coolant may void this warranty.

Pump is brand new and will be shipped in retail packaging.

For detailed specifications, please review the specification document provided by Rule: Pump Specifications

Water to Air Intercooler Water to Air Intercooler Water to Air Intercooler

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